1957 to Now

Welcome to the Vincent Price Art Museum, founded in 1957. This blog is a place where we aim to do several things:

  • incorporate the voices of students at East Los Angeles College by working with them to create blog entries related to the museum context
  • tell behind the scenes stories at the museum
  • share additional information about our exhibitions that goes beyond what we can display on the museum walls
  • create a platform for engaging others invested in the ideas we hope to share through the museum, including scholars, curators, community members and students

This blog is part of our effort to be digitally accessible to our diverse audiences. Please let us know if you have a story you would like to share. Enjoy!



One thought on “1957 to Now

  1. Mr. Vincent Price
    I had the privilege of meeting you and sharing a sammidge above St. Mary’s Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana in 1953 (?). You cordially joined me, asked where I was in College – Williams College in Massachusetts – which your daughter Veronica also attended, and we met occasionally in Denver during your theater visits and I was Director of the Denver Art Museum. I’m now 85 aged years, doing art appraisals, and of course a raging genius. I will never forget our chat in Glacier. We also share years at Yale – I was an Art History Graduate student for 2 years, then Curator of the Painting Department for 10 years then Director of the Seattle Art Museum for 7 years and Director at Denver for 10. I didn’t know about your museum in the LA area, but wish you the best future ever. I hope we can meet again some day.
    Tom Maytham ‘artadvisors@comcast.net. Denver CO


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